I feel great

For years I was a nibbler; always eating between meals, never able to lose the unwanted pounds. No more!!

I was uncertain when I first underwent hypnotherapy with Paul. He was professional, put me at ease, was calm and reassuring, but would it work?

I left the first meeting feeling strangely calm and relaxed and each subsequent meeting enhanced this feeling. At last I was in control of my eating habits!
Four months later my old habits have gone and I now follow a sensible eating plan thanks hugely to Paul.

I would recommend him to everyone in need of help.

Julia (Gt. Eccleston) September 2011

Speed Dial

I think everyone should have a Paul Farquhar on speed dial!

Hypnotherapy has completely changed my life. I have accepted my past, who I am as a person and I have hope and ambition for the future.

Catherine (Blackpool) July 2011

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

I have attended Hypnotherapy sessions with Paul in order to help me lose weight. I wanted to lose approximately 13Ilbs.

From meeting Paul at the initial session and throughout, I felt comfortable within the environment and with Paul’s professionalism. Paul took time to talk through the process of Hypnotherapy and how it works and dispelled any misconceptions.

At the initial session Paul took time to assess what I actually wished to achieve and by asking me a lot of questions regarding my lifestyle identified issues to address that would help me reach my goal weight.

Paul made it clear that it was important that I actually wanted to change my behaviour and once this was agreed the 2 main points were established:

  1. My main issue was to stop eating chocolate as I loved chocolate and would eat a bar every day at least.
  2. Secondly to adopt a healthier eating pattern.

Once the assessment was taken and rules agreed I underwent my first hypnotherapy. This was an extremely relaxing event and I just remember my mind and body feeling totally relaxed. Within the session Paul addressed the chocolate issue and the healthy eating lifestyle ad this was addressed at each subsequent session. After the first session I stopped eating chocolate completely! It was amazing, I just didn’t want to eat any chocolate at all; including chocolate biscuits and chocolate cake. On a couple of occasions I wanted to test myself and I made myself try and eat a small piece of chocolate but when I put it in my mouth I didnt’t like the taste and had to spit it out!

I still don’t eat or want to eat chocolate!!

Eating healthier was established and not eating in between meals was a noticeable differnce! I also found I was eating less.

The session were relaxing and were defintly working, during a coule of sessions Paul ‘shrunk’ my stomach! This was an amazing feeling and I could actually feel my stomach contracting!

I have now lost 10Ils in weight and this has stayed static over a period of time. I feel healthier, I am exercising and I am now happy with my weight.

Louise (Blackpool) June 2011

Deeply Held Stuff

Your delivery is gentle and sensitive reflecting the inner you. You instill a feeling of safety and security which enables me to deal with deeply held “stuff”. You are a true gent and have a real calm centredness about you.

Niki (Newcastle) 2010

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