Hypnotic Quitting!

Nov 27th, 2015 | By | Category: My News

Many many people want to stop smoking for good, but most don’t know where to start.

Do you try and go cold turkey, with all the difficulties that entails or do you go to the doctor and see if they can help? There is also the myriad of products available at the pharmacy all promising that they will help you with your quest.

Or you can use Hypnosis to support you on the journey.

Hypnosis however WILL NOT stop you smoking. This is no magic answer where the hypnotists gets you to close your eyes, gives you a few direct commands and the job is done – NO Hypnosis supports you and works with you in stopping smoking forever.

Hypnosis DOES help prepare you for your challenge. Hypnosis DOES get you in the correct state of mind by tapping into that powerful unconscious mind that you have, and using all the skills and abilities you already have, to use, to achieve this goal.

We all have within us all the resources we need to achieve whatever it is we want to achieve; all you need sometimes is a guide to help you on the journey and teach you how to unlock all these resources. That is where the hypnotherapist come in; that is where I come on.

Session One is a discussion on your history of smoking, why you do it, when it started, why you want to stop for good now. This session also introduces you to the hypnotic state (or builds on it if you already have experience). It also lets me see how well you enter the hypnotic state and to what level That gives me the information I need to take you to next stage.

Session Two is where the main work is undertaken. You will re-enter the hypnotic state (even easier this time) and I will work with your unconscious mind to unlock all the resources you already have to support you on your journey to becoming a non-smoker.

Session Three is usually not required, but if you feel you need some extra support then this session will build on Session Two with a few stark reminders to your unconscious mind as to the likely outcome if smoking continues.

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