West Springfield women offers key to weight loss

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She sees hundreds of clients on a daily basis.  Doctors and nurses recommend her.  Many of them even go to her.  Many call her “the Pioneer Valley’s best kept weight loss secret.”

So many in western Massachusetts say she’s the key to their success.  One client that she went from a size 12 to a size 4, and another lost 40 pounds and two sizes in two months.

Her unconventional approach is yielding unbelievable results.  Julie Ann Kibe has been changing lives in western Massachusetts for over 20 years, through hypnotherapy.  “I could talk to you about anything and then just put a thought anytime I wanted to into your mind,” she says.

But Kibe’s not your typical hypnotist.  There’s no trances, no fainting, no putting people to sleep.

Kibe communicates with what she calls an unspoken language.  “We were born with it. The same way two dogs know how to speak together and giraffes.  Even though they have no vocal chords, there’s a language between everyone,” she adds.

The key to getting that language across, Kibe says, is by addressing both the conscious and subconscious mind.  She notes, “The conscious mind speaks in words.  That’s it.  Just words. The subconscious mind speaks in only pictures.”

It took Kibe over 20 years of training to perfect this kind of hypnotherapy.  Once she did that, she researched everything she could about nutrition and what food does to the body.

Once she put the two together, Kibe realized she’d found a new way to teach, a way to make the information seem clearer. “I sit and I speak with them and teach them all about food. Their bodies and food. While I’m doing it, I break down the sounds that I’m speaking so that their minds hear one thing while they’re listening to my words and then I use body movements for them to never forget them.”

Kibe says she has a 98 percent success rate.  Her average client, she says, losing 40 to 110 pounds.

Martha Trevallion of Agawam says, “When you first start out, you can kind of hear Julie Ann’s voice in your head…and you’re suddenly changing life-long habits and it’s all for positive.”

Kibe sees 150 new clients a week.  Her waiting list is pages long.  She doesn’t advertise, but she doesn’t have to.  Everyone finds out about her through word of mouth.

“I said to my wife, are you serious?  This can’t be real, and after our first meeting, I said ‘that was just amazing,” says Jeffrey Kane of Wilbraham.

Her price tag? $150 per session.  “If I took the money I spend on snacks, sweets, and fast food, this was nothing. I saved money,” adds Cheryl Martino of Agawam.

All sessions are three hours long and done in groups.

Kibe says after nine hours of sessions, she’s done her job. She says, “They have no memory of anything after leaving my room, but me talking…and there’s no trance, and there’s no anything. They simply leave here and if they do what I ask them to do in about three days, their appetite drops down.”

Kane’s wife, Maribel, says, “It’s just a really strange feeling but a great feeling nonetheless.”

But with all her success, Julie admits she can’t do this on her own forever.  Our interview was the first interview she’s ever said yes to.

Why? Because she now wants to train others. “The whole reason I’m hoping this works is that people start learning that there’s a different kind of hypnosis than what the world thinks. There’s another way to learn.”

If she can spread this method, this key to success, Kibe hopes she can open many more doors and help so many more people see the change they’re looking for.

Kibe’s practice, “The Key Hypnosis” is located on Elm Street in West Springfield.

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