Raising Confidence and Banishing Low Self-Esteem

Jun 28th, 2012 | By | Category: Hypnosis and NLP in the News

Building confidence can breed success in all areas of life, from relationships to work, from family to friends. Dolphin Hypnotherapy offer proven unique combinations of treatments for confidence and self-esteem issues, including cognitive behavioural therapy and various forms of hypnotherapy in Bournemouth. The treatments provide powerful suggestions to the unconscious mind which can help stop the feelings of inadequacy and help end such symptoms as the reluctance to take on new challenges or the unwillingness to put yourself first.

The unconscious mind is where memory, wisdom and perception are stored; it is the area of the brain where potential is held, as well as habits and self-image. By using powerful suggestions to touch upon the unconscious mind through hypnosis, confidence can be raised and self-esteem issues can be banished. Hypnotherapy to improve confidence and self esteem has been clinically proven to help with physical issues such as chronic pain conditions, reduction of pain during childbirth and elimination or reduction of skin complaints, as well as the mental problems associated with exam-related stress, weight loss, phobias, quitting smoking and many more.

Hypnotherapy is just one technique offered at the clinics in Bournemouth and Dorset; hypnoanalysis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) hypnosis are also used to great effect. Hypnoanalysis is concerned primarily with finding the root cause of the difficulties and removing it, whilst providing a safe place to discuss and remove these emotions. Nobody is born with low self-esteem; it is picked up later in life, and this hypnoanalysis treatment can help to pinpoint when and where the issue began, and remove the emotional trigger. NLP hypnosis is associated with curing phobias, but the overlap with cognitive behavioural therapy mean it is an also an effect remedy for low confidence in Bournemouth. It can help patients to overcome negative areas of their personality, which can lead to the distressing side-effects and symptoms associated with low self-esteem.

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