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WHEN IT comes to learning there are often no easy answers.

Where some people find education a relatively easy task for others going through the education system can be frustrating and stressful through no fault of their own.

The Causeway Clinic, in Kilrane is a centre that is dedicated to finding solutions to people’s problems with a particular emphasis placed on learning difficulties. One of the centre’s most innovative programmes is Learning4life which offers a comprehensive and successful treatment for a range of learning difficulties.

Since its inception the programme has been successful in opening and enhancing the academic ability of children and their families. There are many factors associated with education that need to be considered when it comes to children. As parents, we all want the very best for out kids and we want them to receive the best education possible.

Participating in the school education system is something that some children find easy to do while others find it more difficult. That’s not a reflection on schools or on intellectual ability of the individuals involved – it’s just reality. Children are often under great stress in school and with homework. This can effect their concentration, their self esteem and even their health. What can we do to help? For children with a learning difficulty the Causeway Clinic is a Godsend. The success of the Learning4life Programme is due to the fact that the child benefits from a multi-faceted approach that is designed specifically to suit their own needs. The Learning4life Programme uses a combination of neuro linguistics (NLP), Time Line Therapy, and Thought Field Therapy. However, another key to its success is the fact that the clinic director and Senior Consultant, Anne Marie Ferris has over 25 years experience as a teacher and therapist. A very significant aspect to the Causeway Clinic is that a programme of teaching will be tailor made to suit your child’s personal needs – the results of which can be overwhelming and more often than not, life changing. Anne Marie and her team understand the needs of children and their families, and as a result they approach each individual client’s programme to best suit their needs. Everything at the Causeway Clinic is about positivity and helping people adopt a positive and pro- active approach to life. It is not just children who suffer from low self-esteem as a result of having a learning difficulty. The clinic also works with adults to regain the confidence they may have lost through their school or life experience. The programmes have proven effective in helping people deal with other conditions such as anorexia and depression as well as helping people overcome the trauma of abuse.

As there is often a link between the psychological and physical, clients may avail of massage therapy, reflexology and yoga therapy at the clinic. From backache and migraine to more serious conditions such as nervous exhaustion all come under the umbrella of clinic services. Life can really be what you make it and the Causeway Clinic helps people to realise their full potential. This can have far-reaching positive consequences in terms of getting the most out of life. Everyone deserves a chance and the Causeway Clinic can provide you with a chance that you might otherwise have not thought possible. For more information contact the clinic directly on 053-9162902 or log onto:

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