Eliminate Fear of Flying with Hypnosis

Aug 8th, 2012 | By | Category: Hypnosis and NLP in the News

Does the thought of flying bring on sweaty hands, butterflies in your stomach or other anxious feelings? If so you are not alone, in that it is estimated that one in every five people have a ‘Fear of Flying’. These days, air travel is difficult for people to avoid. So what can you do?

Did you know hypnosis has proven to be an extremely effective way to eliminate your fear of flying? I can vouch for that, as I once suffered from a fear of flying myself until the fear was successfully eliminated through hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a natural highly focused and concentrated state, similar to being absorbed in a good movie or book. In this state, ‘suggestions’ can be given, where a change in the way you react to the thought of flying can take place. Airlines can sometimes unintentionally condition people to a fear of flying, for example using ‘terminal’ for the airport building and ‘the last and final call’ for the boarding call. Also, when the flight is boarded, one of the first messages encountered is how to cope with a crash and how to use oxygen in the case of an emergency. So no wonder one in five people have this irrational fear of the safest form of travel.

In hypnosis, new positive thought patterns will be given to you and old conditioned responses can easily be removed. One example is by picturing and visualizing yourself in the future happily boarding and enjoying your flight. Once you mentally rehearse this and imagine this happening, the likelihood is your real experience will be as such – ‘what the mind believes the body achieves’. Also, you will be taught a few simple techniques to help you stay calm, relaxed, in control and confident during the flight.


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