Create the best attitude for succeeding in business

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Attitude is just as important as financial, marketing and sales skills.


Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality? Do you feel you have all the skills in place to fire up your business and make it successful? Do you think there is something missing?

There are many aspects to creating a successful business, and attitude is just as important as financial, marketing and sales skills.


Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) could be defined as ‘the study of how to develop the best attitude for success’. It is a vast subject and having some understanding of NLP can make a big difference to many areas of your business, from improving communications with clients, suppliers and staff; setting (and achieving) well formed outcomes and realistic goals; NLP skills are regularly used for team building, conflict resolution, presentation and confidence issues and improving leadership and management.

The principles which form the foundation of NLP have been modelled from key people who consistently produced superb results, as well as from systems theory and natural laws.

As well as a set of powerful skills, NLP is a philosophy and an attitude that is useful when your goal is excellence in whatever you do.

I invite you to discover what happens if you simply act ‘as if’ the following statements are true and adopt these attitudes in your own business…


There is no failure, only feedback

What seemed like failure can be thought of as success that just stopped too soon. With this understanding, we can stop blaming ourselves and others, find solutions and improve the quality of what we do. After all, how many times did Edison ‘fail’ in his dream to invent the light bulb, before he actually succeeded?

Tip: One of the most valuable ways you can improve your own business is by accepting feedback as free consultancy advice and being grateful for the opportunity to make positive changes.


You cannot not communicate

Everything about you – your appearance, your voice, your website and your actions are all communicating something about you and your business all the time. In fact, during a face to face conversation, the actual words you say account for a mere 7% of your total communication, with voice tonality and body language making up the other 93%!

Whether you turn up for a business meeting early, on time, late…or not at all, communicates something to the person waiting to meet with you.

If you wish to project a professional image to your potential clients, make sure everything about you conveys professionalism – your business stationery, your website, your personal appearance, your office space…and your social media communications!


The meaning of your communication is the response you get

While your intention may be clear to you, it is the other person’s interpretation and response that truly reflects the effectiveness of your business messages. NLP teaches you the skills and flexibility to ensure that the message you send equals the message your potential client receives.

Tip: If your marketing, advertising and sales pitches are not generating the results you are hoping for, then ask a friend to listen to you, or read your copy. You may find tweaking something very simple clarifies your messages and increases interest in what you have to offer.

So if you have your sales training, your marketing and your finances already sorted, but there is still something stopping you reaching the next important business goal, have a go at applying these principles to your business… and see what happens.

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