Derren Brown Tour 2010

Nov 20th, 2010 | By | Category: Featured Posts

I had the great privilege of seeing Derren Brown live, In Liverpool at the beginning of March. What an amazing show!

Derren’s Enigma Show is touring the country and full details can be found on his blog at

The audience were left mesmerised and spell-bounded and Derren move slickly from outstanding demonstration to the next. Audience participation occurred constantly through the show and I think its fair to say the most of us were on the edge of seats with wonderment at what we were seeing.

Derren’s views on Physcic Ability and Mediumship are well know and he again gave some of his demonstrations of how these things can occur; yet when the demonstration was over we were left just as baffled as we were at the beginning.

At the end of the show Derren asked us all not to mention the details of how the show ended, so we would not spoil it for those lucky enough to see him. I think we all agreed that it was best kept to ourselves. Derren followed this was an even more amazing finale.

Well Done Derren. Im glad to be a fan of yours and look forward to your next brilliant demonstrations on TV or on tour again in the future.

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