The 10-minute Life Coach

Jan 23rd, 2016 | By | Category: Books I have read

Fiona Harrold’s “Be Your Own Life Coach” had great success with its powerfully inspiring message to take control of our lives and achieve our wildest dreams. Now, she shows us how in just 10 minutes each day we can accelerate towards attaining our goals. Follow her winning strategies and: believe in yourself 100 per cent; propel yourself into taking action; turn into a natural optimist; live a bigger, more interesting life. Fiona’s is the winning formula to open the door to life’s vast opportunities. Believe in yourself and others will too.

‘With The 10-Minute Life Coach Fiona Harrold incontrovertibly establishes herself as the reigning queen of life coaching. For failsafe daily success and all you need to know about conquering the contemporary world, don’t leave home without this book in your pocket.’ — Rachel Holmes, ‘The 10-Minute Life Coach should be permanently in your bag for those panic “I need someone’s help with this” moments in life. Brilliant.’ — Susannah Osborne, Elle ‘Helps you focus on your goals – and get there fast’ — Daily Telegraph ‘Fiona Harrold is not only one of the most dynamic and positive people you will ever meet, but also has the talent to make you feel the same way too. With The 10-Minute Life Coach, she’s given her blueprint for success in easy-to-swallow, bite-size chunks that even the busiest and most stressed among us can follow.’ — Robina Dam, Daily Mail ‘the country’s top life coach’ — Daily Mail ‘The UK’s leading life coach and possibly the most positive person alive’ — ES Magazine ‘London’s leading life coach’ — Evening Standard ‘The can-do woman for the New Establishment’ — Scotland on Sunday ‘A confidante to the powerful…people flock to Fiona’ — Sunday Mirror ‘The Queen Bee of British life coaching’ — Daily Express ‘…this book should be on everyone’s bookshelves… What makes Harrold’s book so much better than other coaching books is that each task is simple and easy to maintain, which gives you confidence to keep going’ — Be Unlimited 20040204 ’10 minutes of this each day might even fulfil Harrold’s ambition to turn you into a natural optimist with a better life.’

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