Secrets from the Afterterlife

Feb 5th, 2016 | By | Category: Books I have read

What an uplifting and enjoyable read. Colin is an exceptionally nice man that has a wonderful outlook on life and how living our lives to the fullest, and enjoying the wonderful gift of love that we’ve been given, is so important. He talks about some of the best messages he’s received from the otherside, and gives his pearls of wisdom on top of that. there are many charlatans out there – i’ve seen Colin live and it’s breathtaking that’s full of evidence – unlike the cold -reading liars around. Even if you’re a non-beleiver or are not open to this wisdom, this book could still prove to be valuable as it’s a decent and uplifting read with full of hope – better than any second rate self help book. A truely great book.

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