Reframing: Neurolinguistic Programming and the Transformation of Meaning

Feb 4th, 2016 | By | Category: Books I have read

Reframing is the art of shifting meaning. Bandler and Grinder put their attention on using communication, verbal and non-verbal, to shift meaning in their client’s models of the world. An emphasis is on using language and language patterns. In this regard they succeed admirably. However, where I think they go off track is in their descriptions of “parts” and what they call 6-step reframing, even one of the authors – Richard Bandler says he doesn’t do this anymore. I agree and add that it introduces fractionation and fragmentation in clients which isn’t useful or suggested. This has bred a continuing controversy in the NLP(tm) community of professionals. Some still use the “parts” model and some are beginning to move away from it in favor of more integral and wholistic methods. There are other books that do a better job of presenting reframing and utilzation of language patterns, but with this caveat in place I recommend the book to anyone seeking to deepen and widen their knowledge of the NLP(tm) model. If you want to go further in understanding where the model has gone since the authors wrote this book try some of the later books, especially “Time for a Change” by Richard Bandler and “Persuasion Engineering” by Richard Bandler with John LaValle. Both of these present the new forms of hypnotic language usage quite well within a more integrated model.

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