Books I have read – Hypnosis for Beginners: Reach New Levels of Awareness and Achievement

Apr 25th, 2016 | By | Category: Books I have read

Hypnosis for Beginners is an excellent book for anyone wishing to learn more about self-hypnosis and the hypnosis of others. It includes complete scripts on regression, self-regression, self-hypnotism, and a full six session script for weight loss, teaching you routines for induction and deep relaxation that can be used for any purpose you desire. Hewitt breaks every session into routines which can be modified to meet your specific needs. The author thoroughly explains the state of hypnosis, many useful applications of it, and includes a full chapter of suggestions you can use to broaden your mind and improve yourself in many ways, all worded in an easy-to-read fashion. I have read this book several times and have found it extremely useful. Anyone interested in hypnosis, especially those who wish to begin using it to enhance the lives of themselves and others, should consider this book a must.

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