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Thoughts and musings of a Sports & Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, E-commerce Guru, Reiki Practitioner, TFT Practitioner, Father and Red Wine Lover!

The desire to have a place to express ideas, share thoughts with other like minded soles and to pass on this journey called life with our friends is something to shout about and enjoy. (after all this earth-suit won’t last forever!)

My journey probably started in 2004 when I attended a training course with Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler. The course was about NLP and Hypnosis and resulted in a Diploma to show understanding of the subject. What it actually did was to stir a passion in me to learn more on these fascinating subjects.

In October 2004 I spent three days with Tony Robbins at a demonstration of NLP skills at their best. All resulting in myself and 700 participants walking over hot burning coals whilst the London Fire Brigade watched on convinced we were all mad fools who had taken leave of our senses; they were probably rght, but it seemed a good idea at the time. The chant of ‘cool moss‘ hung in our heads for weeks later!

A very young me with Paul McKenna 2004

Now the bug was really taking hold. I followed this in 2005 with NLP Practitioner trained by Geoffrey Lee – when all the pieces of this incredible jigsaw were slowly put together. Eye accessing cues, Swish patterns, my new friend Milton Erickson and so the list goes on.

Then Diploma courses in Clinical Hypnosis and then in 2009 NLP Master Practitioner with the amazing Dr Susi Strang and Craig Wood. What an amazing experience and an amazing group of individuals to work with. Now things were starting to make sense. Lots of clicking noises in my head and many ‘ah ha’ moments. I certainly infuriated those around me by my constant – “Now thats interesting“.

In September 2009 I started the next part of my journey with a more in-depth course in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Craig Wood. I finished this training in June 2010. I now have accreditiation with the British Hypnotherapy Association and the American Hypnotherapy Association.

What next? plenty more planned……

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