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Rapid or Instant Hypnosis

In 2011 I attended additional training in the art of rapid or instant hypnosis.

Traditional Hypnotherapy involves helping the client to progressively relax all parts of their body is an organised (hypnotherapist led) fashion. It can take up to 10 minutes to complete properly and is then followed by a deepening procedure ( which can take up to 15 minutes) where the client is led into a much deeper state of relaxation (trance) with the use of metaphors (stories).

Imagine of all of this could be done in around 5 minutes! – That’s what Rapid Hypnosis is; and the end result is that it leaves more time in the hypnotherapy session for the ‘real’ work that needs to be achieved with the client.

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4 Sessions to get rid of your excess weight!

Hard to believe isn't it? You spend years and years on 'yo-yo' dieting. Trying all the different systems when they come out. Sticking religiously to what the rules say and yes you 'may' lose some weight, but then for some unknown reason it all gradually comes back on; and sometimes more than you lost in the first place! With Hypnotic Slimming;
  • No calorie counting
  • Eat what you want when you want
  • Exercise in your sleep!
  • Shrink your stomach down with the power of your mind or with Hypnotic Banding (Gastric band)
  • Get to the root cause of your cravings and addictions by using your powerful unconscious mind

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Quitting Smoking can be easy or very hard

Many many people want to stop smoking for good, but most don't know where to start. Do you try and go cold turkey, with all the difficulties that entails or do you go to the doctor and see if they can help? There is also the myriad of products available at the pharmacy all promising that they will help you with your quest. Or you can use Hypnosis to support you on the journey? Hypnosis however WILL NOT stop you smoking. This is no magic answer where the hypnotists gets you to close your eyes, gives you a few direct commands and the job is done - NO Hypnosis DOES support you and works with you in stopping smoking forever.

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Anxiety & Panic Attacks - mental illness or confused body awareness?

There is a social, cultural and medical story that prevails at this time in human experience, and that is that many of our minds are somehow broken, everyone is becoming mentally ill and that the solution to that is to prescribe medication. With the help of Hypnosis you will learn to; * Recognise the feelings before they control you * Learn to welcome the feelings and work with them * Use these feelings to help in many situations * Learn powerful techniques to change your life forever

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Hypnosis and NLP in the News

‘Pull teeth regulating trance to retard pain’

Hypnosis could assistance cut time spent in entertainment and on wards, reducing a cost of care, according to hypnotherapist Sharon Waxkirsh. Ms Waxkirsh, who works in St John’s Wood, said: “I consider every hospital should have a hypnotherapist on staff. It has the potential to save a NHS millions of pounds each year and get people out of sanatorium many

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Channel 4 Presenters Convince Hoarder To Try Hypnotherapy

A hoarder who clogged his house with thousands of CDs, magazines and TV memorabilia has turned to a hypnotherapist in order to control his problem. Lab technician Barry Phillips was put forward to appear on Channel 4 hoarding documentary ‘Get Your House In Order’ due to his uncontrollable collecting habit. report that the 42-year-old

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Want to gain new focus? Introducing orgasmic meditation

Ograsmic meditation is supposed to provide the benefits of mediation AND orgasm. Introducing OM–orgasmic meditation–a form of mental awakening based on the therapeutic benefits of orgasm. Sorry guys, this one is just for the ladies; OM involves 15 minutes of clitoris stroking in a non-sexual way by a partner with the goal of flooding the

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Musings and Inspiration


Dr. Wayne Dyer & Dr. Bruce Lipton Part1

Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Bruce Lipton have a discussion (Part1) about “The Biology Of Belief”

Books I have read

Healing the Eternal Soul: Insights from Past Life and Spiritual Regression

I cannot recommend this book too highly. Tomlinson is thorough and thoughtful, with a real heart to see people healed and growing spiritually. He covers everything from the fine points of regression to the practicality of a client needing to use the toilet. I have read many texts on regression, and worked as a therapist.

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Videos on Hypnosis

World’s Fastest Hypnotist Demo

Demonstration by Sean Michael Andrews of the fastest hypnosis demo


Ways to Practice Hypnotherapy

Ways to Practice Hypnotherapy Hypnosis can be used in a number of ways to assist in one’s attempts to alleviate stress and anxiety, break an addiction or bad habits, defeat and conquer phobias once and for all, and even to manage and mitigate physical pains that may have been caused by injury or some sort

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