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Life Coaching

Life coaching is a practice that helps people identify and achieve personal goals.What do you really want from life, job, relationships?
I then discuss whats holding you back from doing this.
Have things happened in the past that are still haunting you? Perhaps an embarassing situation at school is now stopping you putting yourself forward at work? Does a previous abusive relationship make you fear getting into another and stops you moving forward?
I will then work with you to resolve these past issues and with the use of hypnosis build in new strategies, new learnings and maybe change a few bad learnings from the past.

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4 Sessions to get rid of your excess weight!

Hard to believe isn't it? You spend years and years on 'yo-yo' dieting. Trying all the different systems when they come out. Sticking religiously to what the rules say and yes you 'may' lose some weight, but then for some unknown reason it all gradually comes back on; and sometimes more than you lost in the first place! With Hypnotic Slimming;
  • No calorie counting
  • Eat what you want when you want
  • Exercise in your sleep!
  • Shrink your stomach down with the power of your mind or with Hypnotic Banding (Gastric band)
  • Get to the root cause of your cravings and addictions by using your powerful unconscious mind

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Quitting Smoking can be easy or very hard

Many many people want to stop smoking for good, but most don't know where to start. Do you try and go cold turkey, with all the difficulties that entails or do you go to the doctor and see if they can help? There is also the myriad of products available at the pharmacy all promising that they will help you with your quest. Or you can use Hypnosis to support you on the journey? Hypnosis however WILL NOT stop you smoking. This is no magic answer where the hypnotists gets you to close your eyes, gives you a few direct commands and the job is done - NO Hypnosis DOES support you and works with you in stopping smoking forever.

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Anxiety & Panic Attacks - mental illness or confused body awareness?

There is a social, cultural and medical story that prevails at this time in human experience, and that is that many of our minds are somehow broken, everyone is becoming mentally ill and that the solution to that is to prescribe medication. With the help of Hypnosis you will learn to; * Recognise the feelings before they control you * Learn to welcome the feelings and work with them * Use these feelings to help in many situations * Learn powerful techniques to change your life forever

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Hypnosis and NLP in the News


Channel 4 Presenters Convince Hoarder To Try Hypnotherapy

A hoarder who clogged his house with thousands of CDs, magazines and TV memorabilia has turned to a hypnotherapist in order to control his problem. Lab technician Barry Phillips was put forward to appear on Channel 4 hoarding documentary ‘Get Your House In Order’ due to his uncontrollable collecting habit. report that the 42-year-old

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How to Meditate: Guided Practice for Stress Relief

“If you let go a little, you’ll get a little bit of peace. If you let go a lot, you’ll get a lot of peace.” — Ajahn Chah Your mind is in many ways similar to a body of water. Just as throwing rocks into a pond or navigating a boat through a lake will

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Surprise Alternative Treatments for Mental Disorders

The use of choice treatments for mental illness is flourishing in recognition due to regard over a side effects of some drugs and a ubiquitous distrust for curative companies. Let’s demeanour during some of a healthy ways people are treating disorders like depression, highlight and schizophrenia. Mental Health in a U.S. during a Glance 9.6

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Musings and Inspiration


Should we be encouraging our employees to post messages on the company twitter account or is this just one big waste of time? According to recent statistics, companies without a twitter presence will get left behind in a gigantic leap by consumer choice. It is estimated that 18 million people will be using Twitter by

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Books I have read

Wisdom of the Ages: 60 Days to Enlightenment

Veteran self-help author and speaker Dyer (Manifest Your Destiny, etc.) chooses a new format in which to present his familiar material. Here, he offers essays inspired by 60 quotations from poetry and literature that express “life’s greatest lessons.” Intended as a daily inspirational, each essay focuses on a topic such as patience, leadership, divinity, prayer,

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Videos on Hypnosis

Instant Inductions – How They REALLY Work

Nathan Thomas: I get questions all the time about instant and rapid inductions. People watch the three second induction videos on YouTube, and are dazzled by what they see. The truth is that while instant inductions definitely do work, there is actually a *lot* more too them than meets the eye, and more often than

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Hypnotherapy is the healing and therapeutic aspect of hypnosis.

Many people hold onto this somewhat negative connotation that hypnosis is fake and lacking authenticity.